Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Dear Diary:

Life is a journey. When you’re like me living in suburban America, you have babies who all too quickly turn into first graders. And you start thinking back to what YOU remember from elementary school.

When I was in elementary school, I wrote diaries. I still have them. From time to time I read them. And maybe it’s because I’m approaching forty, or recently attended my 20th high school reunion, but I feel reflective, analytic. And I want to start journaling again.

So… welcome to my new online diary!

But it’s not just my diary, it’s a digital platform to talk about the issues affecting our brick and mortar community. It’s a pace for me to share things I find interesting, and a tool to keep me accountable. And since other people are just as interesting (or more so!), we have ‘columnists’ documenting their own crazy life journeys too.

I started Work and Play as a solution to help with work/life balance, and nearly three years into the project, I’ve learned that there is no magic formula. In fact, the key is to NOT try to balance it all, but rather, to find the right INbalance that works for you.

On the pages of our new blog, you’ll find information and content related to professional development, family, health, romance, ‘me time’ (often forgotten!). You’ll find “Dear Diary” entries from our contributors, chronicling their own journeys to find the right formula. And we hope you’ll find the right amount of work and play to keep coming back, and maybe even join our brick and mortar community.

Work and Play