About Work and Play

We all have careers.

Some of us are in an office, some of us stay home. Some work full time, some work part time. Our jobs may be different, but we are all trying to achieve balance as we juggle our kids, our work, our spouses, our dinner menus, our health, our commute, our bills, our birthday parties, our vacations, and most of all, our sanity.

At Work and Play, we’re trying to make things a little bit easier to help you live a happy imperfect life, where the key is not trying to balance it all, but rather, to find the right INbalance that works for you.

Our mission is to provide a solution for parents trying to balance work and family, and we hope you’ll join us for the ride, by either joining at one of our locations, attending a networking event or professional development course, celebrating your child’s birthday party, or opening up your own Work and Play in your hometown.

Coworking Benefits

Coworking is a rapidly growing and evolving industry.  More and more businesses offer remote work opportunities, while employees, entrepreneurs and the self-employed are also exploring alternative work structures.  Learn more about the benefits, research and discussions taking place about coworking.

Meet our Founder, Deb Engel


Personal essays and news covering work/life balance, professional development, entrepreneurship, small business and parenthood.

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